NCLI Fellow Application

The application period for Cohort 18 (2024-25) is open now through April 15, 2024. 

Notice: some agencies/organizations require pre-approval (before applying) for training over a certain dollar amount. Please check with your agency/organization about their requirements should you be selected. 

Please read the application instructions thoroughly and have all materials collected before beginning the process.

You will need to complete your application in one sitting. If you refresh or close out your browser before submitting all progress will be lost. Important: please make sure your name is included in the name of each file you upload so they are easily identified as part of your application. 

Download detailed application instructions here.

List of criteria rated by the scoring committee can be found here.

Application Package Checklist:

  • A nomination letter from your Director/CEO/Organization Lead. Nominators will need to provide this letter to the applicant for uploading.
  • Applicant resume.
  • Applicant essay.
  • Three (3) Recommendation letters, including one from the applicant’s immediate supervisor. Recommenders will provide this letter to applicant for uploading. Please note: ´╗┐If an applicant's nominator is also their current supervisor, the nominator/supervisor should indicate so in the nomination letter, and that letter should be uploaded into both applicable spots.
  • Applicants will also need to provide contact information for themselves, their nominator, and recommenders in the fillable forms.

Getting Started:

Click Begin application below. Read the requirements and expectations then indicate that you have read and understand. Fill in all of the required fields and then use the navigation button at the bottom of the page to move to the nomination form. Once you have completed the nomination form, use the button at the bottom of that page to move to the recommendation forms.

Complete the recommendation forms, answer the validation form, and then click Submit. A confirmation message will appear onscreen when your submission has gone through.

Begin application for Cohort 18!