The Fellow's Experience

Increased confidence and a wider capacity for exercising leadership.
Each Fellow’s experience is unique, and all gain invaluable insight into their own leadership process.

A Life Changing Experience…” We hear these words each year. Fellows tell us they walk away with a deeper sense of individual purpose and a greater understanding of the potential that can be created when purpose is shared.

They tell us, “NCLI is more than a training or a workshop.” It’s an experience like no other leadership development program, one that digs deep into beliefs and values, and connects those core elements to the challenges we face in our organizations and in the profession of conservation.

“It’s an empowering experience…” They walk away with a new and powerful set of tools, a priceless network of supportive peers, and increased confidence in their own abilities to recognize and navigate the critical challenges they face back home.

Empowering Experience

"A Life Changing Experience…" We hear these words each year.

How to Apply

Online application packages are accepted between February 1 and April 15.

“NCLI gave me an opportunity to grow, to learn, to be challenged about myself, my organizations, my profession. I can say with 100% certainty that I will be more effective and more successful in providing conservation leadership to help conserve our natural resources.”